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Rene Fritz and his team May Be The CEO Coach for You! He has coached start ups, middle-market, and publicly traded CEOs for over 40 years as well as founded and obtained equity and debt funded his own firms, which is part of why Inc. Magazine described him as a "serial entrepreneur".

How I Can Help

Rene has more than 40 years of experience building his own firms as well as coaching other CEOs.

Rene has been an entrepreneur since he was 21, when he took over his father’s company and grew it from 9 to 130 workers in a few years. He worked with his employees to exit the United Steel Workers contract and replace it with the first employee stock ownership plan in Oregon. Along the way, he learned how to help CEOs build effective management teams.

Rene served on a bank board for over 13 years, obtained his SEC Securities license to do merger and acquisitions and raised over $25 million to fund his firms. He has taken on leadership roles in the Young Presidents’ Organization, and later founded Chief Executive Forum, now over 40 years ago, to help CEOs by pairing them with season business owners as mentors.  He worked directly with Ronald Reagan administration to secure a 5 million dollar grant from Pentagon for his work in the titanium industry. Rene also was a member of George W. Bush’s election finance committee.


Partner Assistance

Rene, as well as his network of over 250 experts, can offer advice on various topics, such as how to recruit and train a high-performing team, how to secure funding and manage finances for growth, how to optimize sales and marketing strategies, and how to choose the best legal structure for your business.


Worked to secure millions of dollars in financing for companies from New York Banks, the Pentagon, and many individuals. He also served on a bank board for over 13 years.


Licensed his firm’s technologies to and from other companies. He also established international manufacturing licensees in Canada, New Zealand, Sweden, and France.

Personal and Professional Involvement

Rene enjoys being involved with his family and the business community. He has served on various boards, such as the U.S. Naval Academy Board of Trustees, INC. Magazine, a regional bank, and several private firms. He spent 15 years as a member of the Young Presidents Organization. He has also lectured at universities on how to grow a successful company. Rene appears in Who’s Who in America and Who’s Who in Finance and Industry.

What members have to say

"10 Years -- from a 2 person start up to a $63 million Exit."

Rene partnered with me to spin off a great new technology, staff, fund, grow and co-manage [the enterprise,] over 10 years from start to exit. Then he and his resources obtained funding with angel investors. He also helped screen and hire over 15 sales personnel placed all over the USA.  In addition, he set up, interviewed, and developed a balanced Board of Directors to help guide the company to an 60 million dollar debt free exit. All investors received a fantastic ROI on their investment … Everyone was a real winner, shareholders, me, and the marketplace!


"[He] mentored me to be what I do best as President."

Rene’s tests helped me discover and use my talents effectively. He also used the same tests to help me build and manage a great team, improve the company’s performance, and delegate tasks to others. This way, I could focus on my strengths, reduce my stress, and have more time for myself.


"It worked and we now own the company!"

It was great having Rene with his family business background to help me consolidate my ownership over time from my family in a positive manner and keep the family speaking! Rene in addition, assisted me to package a private placement debt/stock offering to raise several million to buy a private company with no Venture Capital or bank involved – it worked, and we now own the company!


"I made more money than I had ever imagined."

Rene and his mentors and consultants helped me hire a great management team, delegate, install checking systems, and utilize reports to monitor results. He coached me on how to define my strengths and weaknesses and let me focus on where I could work best. This allowed me to be able spend a lot more time with my family and I made more money than I had ever imagined and loved the increased time with my daughter and wife.


"He helped me sell my company for 25% + more than I expected."

Rene was a great help in selling my company. I got 25% more than I expected, thanks to his guidance. He also connected me with a lawyer and a CPA who helped me with the legal and financial aspects of the deal. Unlike most brokers who only care about their commission, Rene cared about my future. He helped me find a new career that suited me.



Rene founded Chief Executive Forum more than 20 years ago. In this short video his members share their experiences and the benefits of belonging.

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